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When thinking about washing their homes, most people don’t consider pressure washing. Most people think that pointing at hose at their walls, or aiming it on to their roofs, is enough to get those surfaces clean and back to their original look.
Some don’t even put that much thought into it, thinking that a good rain deluge will be enough to wash away the dirt and grime of that accumulates on your home’s surfaces every day.
It shouldn’t be too surprising to realize that doing the bare minimum of effort will achieve the bare minimum of results. A good hose clean is good … but it is not enough.
And that’s before we even mention the oil spots on your driveway that look like one of those test Psychiatrists use to see if you’re crazy. You know that nothing short of a drastic scrubbing will get rid of that.
At AllOver Pressure Washing Baton Rouge, we know the benefits of a good pressure clean. We know how much better your home’s walls, roofs and driveway surfaces can look after a good clean. We know it can even add thousands to your home’s resale value.

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pressure washing Baton Rouge LA

And we don’t limit our cleaning services to your home and driveway. If you have a wooden patio or a paved deck that has seen better days, then we can clean them up too until they looked like new. Remember those days when you had your friends and family over, sitting on your patio or deck, as you enjoyed each other’s presence? Perhaps over time, as your entertainment areas became dirtier and grimier, you sent these invitations out less and less; you felt embarrassed at what people might think of you.
Well, we can clean them until they look like new again.
If you do nothing to clean your surfaces, your home, its walls and roof, your driveway, your patio, decks and even your fences the continual march of time will keep marching on, and your surfaces will accumulate dirt and debris, grow moss, mold and mildew, become stained and brown and lose your property its curbside appeal.
We don’t just offer high pressure cleaning services, either. Some surfaces can not handle the force of the highly pressurized water, each tiny fast-moving droplet like a little pick-axe digging away at your surface. In such cases, we use a soft wash cleaning services, where environmentally friendly chemicals are used in place of high pressure water to break down the contaminants.  Knowing when to use one over the other is one of the skills we have learnt over years of doing this business.
So call us for a free quote, or fill in your details in the contact form at the top of the page, and our friendly staff will contact you. The services listed out on this site are available not just for domestic customers, but commercial customers too. So if you have parking lots, pathways, sporting courts, underground garages, pool decks or any surface that requires cleaning, call us too. Regardless of the size of the job, we will handle it.

About US

We want to do everything in our power to make sure this beautiful city sparkles with beauty.
At AllOver Pressure Washing Baton Rouge, simply being good at our job will never be enough. It is important, of course – we desire to give your house and property the best clean available to us – but there is more. Someone can be good at their job, but torture to work with, and ultimately, you will want to stop working with them.
We want to be good at our job, and great to work with as well. Because we know that pressure cleaning services is something that requires regularly schedule appointments to ensure your house looks as great as it deserves to look.  And we want to be the company that you keep coming back to.
And we know that will not be possible if we are consistently late to your job, rude or disrespectful to you, your family or property, or unprofessional. So we strive, in everything we do, to be the company that treats our clients the way they deserve to be treated.
We are well aware that we are not only cleaning your driveway, your walls, your roofs, your patios and decks, or your fences … we are cleaning things you spent a lot of time to afford. Your home is an extension of yourself, of your personality and hopes and dreams, and when we think about our cleaning services in that light, the only sensible reaction is to treat every job with utmost integrity, respect and responsibility.
If this is the kind of company you want to work with, please call us for a quote, or fill in the contact form, and our friendly staff will be eager to talk to you.

Pressure Washing in Baton Rouge LA


House Washing Baton Rouge LA

house washing Baton Rouge

Are you looking to sell your house? A good wash can increase your property’s curb side appeal, adding thousands of dollars to your property value.
Perhaps you aren’t selling, but perhaps you’re just sick of looking at your home’s dirty walls, streaked with mold and mildew. A good wash can bring your walls back to life, and also protect the paint, lessening the need for a re-paint later.
So, call us for our house washing service. As not all exterior surfaces should be washed using high pressure water, we will then determine whether your house exterior should be washed using a soft wash approach instead.

Commercial Pressure Washing Baton Rouge LA

commercial pressure washing Baton Rouge

People’s first impressions of a commercial business doesn’t necessarily begin when they enter your establishment. It can sometimes begin in your parking lots, on your driveways, and on the pathways to your front door.
Dirty grime-covered walls, oil-splattered parking lots and driveways and slimy, moss-covered pathways give bad first impressions for new customers.
All of the services listed for residential customers are available also to commercial and corporate business owners. So, call us for our commercial pressure washing service; we will make sure your first impressions are the best impressions.

Roof Washing Baton Rouge LA

roof washing Baton Rouge

Sometimes, what is happening on our roofs is in the ‘out-of-site out-of-mind’ bucket. We only really think about our roofs when we notice leaks.

But your roof needs maintenance as well, and a simple way of maintain it is by giving it a good wash every now and then. Vegetation, dirt, leaves, branches and various other contaminants can collect, causing blockages that soak up water, causing it to pool. This can easily cause rust and rot problems for your roof, leading to leaks and possibly an expensive roof repair job.

Give us a call and ask for our roof washing service. It can add years of life to your roof and save you money in the long term.

Driveway Pressure Washing Baton Rouge LA

driveway washing Baton Rouge

Your driveway is like a red carpet to your front door. Often, it is the first part of your property guests encounter. But over time, your driveways absorbs oil and dirt and grime, and becomes an eye sore.
A high pressure wash can make your driveway look new again. If you are thinking of selling, this could be one thing you can do that will add thousands of dollars of perceived value to your property.
So, call us for our driveway pressure washing service, and bring back some curb-appeal to your house.

Fence Washing Baton Rouge LA

fence washing Baton Rouge

Over the course of time, fences get worn down, particularly wooden fences. At this time you might decide to rejuvenate the look of your fence by giving it a new coat of paint, a fresh look. To do this, you will probably need to wash and clean your fence first. A high pressure wash will help get your fence ready for its new paint job, by removing the previous layer first.
Perhaps the problem is not time, but graffiti. Someone’s come and graffitied your fence, and you want to get rid of it. We can help with that too, by removing the graffiti, but you really need to make sure you call us quickly, as the paint can seep into the wood and make it that much difficult to remove without affecting the wooden fence’s original paint job.
So, call us for our fence washing services. We will have your fence looking new in no time.

Patio and Deck Washing Baton Rouge LA

deck washing Baton Rouge

Many of us spend a lot of our time entertaining in our back yards on patios and decks, enjoying the outside air and the company of friends. But time affects the look of our decks and patios just as it does all of your other surfaces, leaving them stained with mold and mildew, dirt and mud.
Call us for our patio and deck washing services, and our non-toxic wash will bring your patios and decks to new.

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At AllOver Pressure Washing Baton Rouge, we wish to be your long term Pressure Washing company. To do this, we not only need to be experienced, highly-skilled, and professional; we also need to be completely trust-worthy, respectful and totally reliable in everything we do. 

That is the type of company we are striving towards becoming. If that is the type of company you want to work with, please give us a call today for a free quote. Otherwise, you can fill in our contact form at the top of the page, and one of our friendly staff will call you as soon as possible.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure Washing – sometimes called Pressure Cleaning and Power Washing – is usually performed using extremely powerful hoses. Water is expelled from tiny nozzles in the hose at pressures of approximately 200 times that of normal atmospheric pressure.  This super charged water spray effectively turns each individual droplet of water into tiny pick-axes that scour even the most stubborn of stains, like dirt, oil, mildew and more from your surfaces.
For those of you who like saving water, a high pressure washer uses far less water than your typical garden hose. On average a garden hose might use 20 gallons of water per minute, while a pressure washer uses approximately 2 gallons per minute.

Should High Pressure Washing Be Used For All Surface Types?

No, it shouldn’t. There are certain surface types that are perfect for high power washings. These surface types are usually hard and tough; surfaces that can cope with being impacted by thousands of high-velocity water droplet sized pick-axes every second. Exterior painted or rendered surfaces are examples of things that would not cope properly with such a washing, but surfaces like driveways, pathways and other hard surface types are excellent candidates.
But for surfaces like tiles, colorbond roofs, house walls, painted wood, fences, it is advisable to not use high pressure washing, but to use a soft wash process.
The soft wash process doesn’t use water at high pressure to scour surfaces, but instead uses environmentally friendly chemicals to break down the stains. These chemicals are perfectly safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment. Once the chemicals has broken down the stain, a low pressure water rinse finally removes the contaminants, leaving your surface stain free once again.
There are times when you might consider using a pressure jet washer on surfaces that are typically only soft washed, and those would be times when you are not concerned about scouring the surface itself. An example of this might be if you have a wooden fence that you are intending on repainting; you might then use a power wash to clean up the fence first. In this circumstance, the fact that some of the paint might also be removed from the wooden surface might not be an issue, as you will be simply repainting it in any case.
If you are unsure of which type of washed process is appropriate for the surfaces you want washed, don’t worry. We’ll advise you. We will adapt our processes to ensure that your surface is cleaned properly without causing any scratching or harm in any way.

Why Do I Need To Wash My Surfaces?

The very simple answer to why you might want to wash your surfaces is, of course, because they are dirty. This is the simple, and of course, obvious answer. But if you are still reading this, you’re not reading it for the obvious answer.
Perhaps the better question is, Why Should I Even Care That My Surfaces Are Dirty?
If the simple fact that a washed house is a clean house and therefore looks better is not a good enough reason, then here are two just-as-good reasons:

– Health; and
​- Money.
So … health. Well, dirt attracts dirt. A dirty surface seems to keep getting dirtier if you don’t wash it. If your surface gets wet often, or spends a lot of time out of the sun, it can begin to grow mold and mildew. Dirt, dust, mold and mildew can inversely affect people with breathing problems like asthma, or allergies. Washing your surfaces will get rid of the mold and may help lessen these symptoms.
Also, leaves, mud and debris might cause water blockages on your roof. Certain insects like mosquitos are attracted to stagnant pools of water, and if there are leaks into your house (see ‘Money’ section), this gives the mosquitoes ingress as well.
Now … money. As just mentioned, leaves, mud and debris might cause water bloackages on your roof. Pools of water react corrosively to your roof’s surfaces, and may rot and rust your roof, causing cracks and leaks, requiring an expensive roof repair to fix.
And finally, your house just looks better when cleaned. It has better curb appeal. When you are trying to sell it, or rework your mortgage, giving your house and its surfaces a proper clean, will add thousands to the properties perceived value.

How Often Should I Schedule A Pressure Wash?

We could be annoying and say ‘It depends’. But unfortunately … it’s true. It depends.
It depends on a few things:
– Are there tall trees around? Trees often drop seeds and branches and leaves, which can affect your roof and driveway. Now add the additional menace of birds and the mess that they can leave behind, and this can all determine how often you need a pressure wash.

– Are your surfaces primarily in the shade or the sun? How wet do they get? Surfaces that don’t get much sun, or get wet more often, are more likely to have mold issues, and require more frequently washings.

– How much foot traffic does your surfaces get? Clearly, this doesn’t relate to your roof, or walls, but surfaces like your patios and decks and pathways. These surfaces will require more frequent cleanings if you are bringing dirt in and trampling it into the surface.

– Do you leave your car on your driveway? Does your car have problems with oil leakages? Concrete driveways soak up oil like a sponge, and is very difficult to remove without a high pressure wash.
On average though, we would say you should schedule a pressure wash every six or twelve months.
There might be other reasons where you might want to schedule a one off pressure wash.

  • You notice graffiti on your fence or property.
  • You want to repaint your fence and want to begin with a freshly cleaned slate.
  • You’re selling your house.

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